What is a TIJ (Thermal Ink-Jet)?

Thermal ink-jet printing is a technology developed by Hewlett Packard to print very high quality marks by dispensing ink through a sealed cartridge. It is a “non-contact” printing technology, which does not require direct contact with the surface that it is printing on.  It’s known as a “thermal” ink-jet because of a heating element behind the printing nozzle which causes a bubble to form in the ink channel and dispense the ink out through the nozzle.

How fast can I print?

The Mark-6 can print at speeds over 200 feet per minute, depending on the printer dpi settings.  An external encoder  is integrated with every Mark-6 print system to allow for printing at variable speeds without the need to change settings.

What is the print quality of the Mark-6?

The Mark-6 print resolution is adjustable up to 300dpi.  Each cartridge has 2 columns of 150 nozzles, offset to create a line made up of 300 drops of ink within 1/2″.  The resolution can be adjusted up or down, with options to fire individual columns of nozzles.  These adjustments are typically used to conserve ink or make clearer marks, depending on the substrate.

What types of products can I print on?

All TIJ printers were originally developed to print onto porous surfaces (paper, cardboard, etc.), most often using a water-based ink.  Over time, better cartridges and more aggressive solvent bases have been developed, expanding the range of materials that can be printed on (plastics, metals, varnish coatings, etc.).  More aggressive solvent bases require the ink cartridge to be “capped” to prevent the nozzles from clogging and drying out when not in use for periods as short as several minutes, depending on the solvent.

What font is used in the Mark-6?

The Mark-6 default font is Arial, but is expandable to allow users to load the font that they wish to print with.

Do I have to create and edit messages on the touch screen?

No!  Every Mark-6 printer comes with a PC software package and USB stick.  Messages can be created with the software package at a PC, and transferred to the printer via the on-board USB port (via the stick) on each printer.

Why should I choose the Mark-6 over other technologies?

Simply put, the Mark-6 is 10x-20x cheaper than most CIJ technologies, requires almost zero setup and training, and is practically maintenance free.  Each new cartridge is effectively a new print-head, and you aren’t exposed to the harsh chemicals used by CIJ printing technologies.